Old Diploma

Old ESSR Diploma

The ‘old’ Diploma will be replaced by the new Diploma but we have arranged a transition period until the ESSR meeting in June 2019, to allow those who have already started to complete the old Diploma or transfer to the new one.
Applications for the old diploma are no longer possible, the programme will expire.

Registrants are asked to keep their certificates of attendance for all categories and only need to notify the ESSR Office when they have completed all the relevant categories and then comply with any document requests to confirm diploma eligibility.


To be eligible, each candidate needs to meet the following requirements:

1. To be a certified radiologist.
2. In addition, the candidate is required to complete the following items:

a. CATEGORY-1 ESSR Annual Meeting
>> to attend a minimum of 3 annual meetings of the ESSR in 5 years
>> to be the first author on at least one scientific presentation or exhibit (case reports excl.) at one of these ESSR annual meetings.

b. CATEGORY-2 Training Modules
(high quality teaching in one area of MSK imaging, lively interaction between registrants and speakers, promote exchange of ideas and experience amongst registrants from different countries)
>> to gain 4 credit points (1 point =min. 14 hrs) within 5 years based on the ESSR list of accredited courses. At least 2 courses need to be undertaken in a country different from that of the candidate domicile.
Radiologists who have undergone a one year MSK radiology fellowship in a recognised center will be exempt from the Cat 2 training modules.

c. CATEGORY-3 Refresher Courses
(based on state of the art reviews in MSK imaging on a national and international level – prior approval by ESSR required)
>> to gain 4 credit points (1 point =min. 14 hrs) within 5 years.

The accredited courses listed on the ESSR website have been notified to the ESSR Office and are constantly updated. Any course awarded CME points by a recognised European Radiology Society can contribute to diploma points. Any queries regarding category 2 and 3 can be emailed to the office. Any course recognised by an European College can be counted as well.

Category points can be counted retrospectively for 1 year from the date of registration for the diploma with the remaining points subsequently collected after registration.


€ 100,- ESSR Members
€ 200,- Non Members


No renewal is necessary for the ‘old’ diploma.

Transfer to the new Diploma

Those who possess the ‘old’ diploma and wish to transfer to the ‘new’ diploma have to satisfy the requirements for renewal and pass the examination for the ‘new’ diploma. The opportunity to transfer in this way will expire at the ESSR meeting in 2019. Transfer fee € 200,-