ESSR Meets National Societies

Full Programme Outline

Download here the full programme outline

ESSR Meets Programme (v5)


The ESSR meets * national societies program is directed to the countries in which the MSK discipline has already been structured within the national musculoskeletal radiology society or in case there is no MSK separate society with the national radiology society in terms of specific educational paths or recognized professional subspecialty (from now on, these countries will be called “hosting countries”).
The aim of the ESSR meets * national society program is threefold:

  • to offer high-quality advanced teaching in the field of MSK radiology to the members of national musculoskeletal radiology societies, incl. MSK subspecialty groups;
  • to establish liaisons between ESSR and national radiology societies to attract and encourage active participation of their members in the ESSR activities (ie. ESSR membership, use of the educational platform etc.);
  • to forge closer relationships and create the conditions for endorsement and implementation of ESSR guidelines and educational paths. 
  • Facilitate of young radiologist in the ESSR young club and in the AVATAR initiative

The ESSR meets * national society program is designed for Europe. Regarding extra-european countries, options to take include a) activation of the outreach program; b) an ad-hoc meets* program following bilateral intersocietal agreement (es. ESSR meets SSR) through the intersociety committee and the different committees and subcommittees of the ESSR.