RNOH Bone and Soft Tissue Tumour App (BoSTT)

The histopathology and radiology teams at RNOH have just released an App for bone and soft tissue tumours.
This App is designed for healthcare professionals working in the field of musculoskeletal medicine, including radiologists, pathologists, orthopaedic surgeons, oncologists, nurse specialists and physiotherapists. It can also be used by medical students, trainees, residents and specialist fellows for continuing medical education.
Expect a new case study every two weeks!

MSK RADIOLOGY 4U-The premiere MSK radiology teaching resource

This is a free interactive database of over 3300 musculoskeletal radiology teaching cases covering a wide spectrum of pathologies. The cases can be selected using anatomy, pathology or keyword. Users can create their own database of interesting cases from this using the bookmark option. New cases will be added to the collection on a regular basis.

This is available on iOS (iphone, ipad), android (phone and notebooks) as well as a website, . This would be an excellent resource for radiologists, radiographers, medical students, trainees as well as allied professionals. This was developed by Dr A Mark Davies, Dr Steve James, Dr Rajesh Botchu, Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologists at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham, UK with technical support of Reubro International.