European Course on Spine Radiology


European Course on Spine Radiology – 1st Cycle Module 2


We have the honour and the pleasure to welcome you to participate to the next European Course on Spine Radiology – 1st Cycle Module 2.
This Advanced course is jointly organised between the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (ESSR) and the European Society of Neuroradiology (ESNR) and is intended to provide a jointly effort to a deeper knowledge of X-Ray and CT guided procedures to give radiologists a wide range of new possibilities in treating the spine, reducing the risk of side effects and complications in comparison to conventional “open surgery”.


Course Programme

Following a successful Module 1 course in January 2020, both our societies did work on another outstanding programme including most cutting-edge topics and a faculty of well-known speakers all around the globe.
All lectures will be virtually broadcasted.


Day One – March, 10th Wednesday


08:20-08:30 Introduction/Welcome

08:30-11:35 Inflammation
• Axial Spondylarthropathy SIJ and Spine
• Differential diagnosis and mimickers of Axial SpA: Pso, DISH, SIJ variants
• Complications of the rigid spine
• Degenerative Disease with inflammatory changes: Modic Type 1, Facet Joint edema, etc…
• Multiple sclerosis
• Other demyelinating disorders and differential diagnosis
• Q & A

11:50-13:15 Infection-part I
• Tuberculous spinal infections
• Non-TB spinal infections, diagnosis and follow-up
• Spine Infections
• Q & A


13:50-15:15 Infection-part II
• Disco-Vertebral Image guided biopsy
• Role of imaging in spondylodiscitis follow-up
• Postoperative imaging
• Q & A

15:30-16:30 Beyond the spine
• Pubulgia and groin lesions
• The Sacroiliac Joint disease: Treatment
• Q & A

16:45-18:45 Interactive sessions with MCQ
Inflammation/Infection (Groin/Pelvic & Sacral Instability

Day Two – March, 11th Thursday


08:30-08:40 Introduction to the topics of the day

08:40-10:55 Metabolic diseases
• Diagnosis of osteoporosis: role of imaging
• Vertebroplasty and alternatives
• Besides the vertebra: Sacroplasty and around
• Paget’s disease
• Other metabolic disorders
• Q & A

11:10-13:40 Vascular diseases
• Vascular anatomy of the spine and spinal cord
• Vascular imaging of the spine and spinal cord – CTA,MRS,DSA and more
• Spinal cord ischemia
• Spinal vascular malformations: How to study
• Spinal vascular malformations: How to treat
• Q & A

14:00-16:00 Interactive sessions with MCQ
Metabolic / Vascular

Day Three – March, 12th Friday


08:30-08:40 Introduction to the topics of the day

08:40-10:30 Spinal trauma – Part 1
• Trauma of the craniocervical junction
• Trauma of cervical spine
• Trauma of thoracolumbar spine
• Whiplash injuries
• Q & A

10:40-12:00 Spinal trauma – Part 2
• Spinal cord trauma
• Treatment of traumatic fractures: when interventional
• Treatment of traumatic fractures: when surgical
• Q & A


12:35-14:00 Pediatric and adolescent spine – Part 1
• Embryology of the spine and spinal cord
• Spinal dysraphism
• Low back pain and neck pain in children
• Q & A

14:10-15:35 Pediatric and adolescent spine – Part 2
• Scoliosis
• Spondylolysis/spondylolisthesis and differential diagnosis
• Pediatric spine and spinal cord trauma
• Q & A

15:45-17:45 Interactive sessions with MCQ
Trauma / Pediatric

Day Four – March, 13th Saturday

Please note: To attend Day 4 – a 4-days ticket is required

09:00-12:00 Interventional Session: US Guided procedures
• Video demo’s ultrasound cervical plexus
• Video demo’s ultrasound lumbosacral plexus
• Pain Management & Neurolysis: US/Fluoro/CT-guided procedures

12:00-18:00 Interventional Session: Xray/CT Guided procedures – LIVE Cases & Workshop
• Vertebroplasty using DSA: tips and tricks
• Vertebroplasty & Spacer implant using Fluoro: tips and tricks
• Vertebroplasty & Spacer implant using CT: tips and tricks
• Neuropathic pain: Neuromodulation, Spine pump & other treatments
• Percutaneous discectomy, VP and other percutaneous procedures
• Advanced percutaneous treatments in spine lesions

18:00-18:15 Closing Remarks





(before or on February 1, 2021)
ESNR Junior Members
ESSR Resident Members
ESNR Full/Assoc. Members
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Course Registration (3 days; March 10-12) EUR 250 EUR 350 EUR 540 EUR 550
Course Registration & Hands-On (4 days; March 10-13) EUR 400 EUR 500 EUR 690 EUR 700
Modular Examination EUR 50 EUR 50 EUR 50 EUR 50



Modular Examination

The modular examination will take place on March 14th, at 14.00 CET and will be held online by EBNR. Registration to the exam is not mandatory to attend the course but registration to the course is mandatory to attend the exam. Registration will be done on EBNR website. Please click on below link to register to the exam.
Exam Fee (not mandatory)… EUR 50



Organising Committee

Prof. Antoine Feydy – Hôpital Cochin/FR
Dr. Radhesh Lalam – Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital/UK
Prof. Luigi Manfré – Instituto Oncologico del Mediterraneo IOM/IT
Prof. Maria Tzalonikou – Hygeia Hospital/GR
Prof. Johan van Goethem – University Hospital Antwerp/BE
Prof. Filip Vanhoenacker – AZ Sint-Maarten Mechelen, University Antwerp, Ghent University/BE


CME Accreditation

An application for CME credits has been made to the UEMS.