Research Chairperson: vacant
Committee Membership is open to all members of the ESSR. Ex-officio members are the editor of the official journal of the ESSR, the ESSR representatives in the Advisory Boards of European Radiology, European Radiology Experimental and of Insights into Imaging, and the European representative in Skeletal Radiology.
Committee Meetings are arranged at ECR in Vienna and at each ESSR annual conference.

Read Statement: MSK Imaging research is beautiful, but MSK imaging research with clinical impact is better


The original objectives were to be based upon the ESR Research Committee and comprise:
a. the creation of an environment and infrastructure that strengthens biomedical imaging research in Europe, specifically musculoskeletal radiology
b. the building of an imaging research network
c. encouraging excellence in research
d. providing the opportunity for education in research methodologies
e. providing expertise in grant application and the development of multicentre studies

Key Concepts

A number of key concepts are being built upon. These include:
a. development of better quality study designs
b. research and evaluation of potential sources of study funding
c. assistance in the development of structured study groups
d. identification and encouragement of sources of mentoring
e. action as a catalytic discussion forum
f. enablement of liaison between groups
g. network development


An ESSR research database has been established and was piloted at the Innsbruck meeting. The PDF entry form will be available to members on the ESSR website members area.
The data includes:
a. Contact details
b. Topics of research interest
c. Willingness to act as a mentor

Research support awards have been established with the agreement of ESSR ExCom
these will comprise as a financial donation to ESSR members who are starting to undertake research early in their career. Funds will be offered to support their projects subject to competitive bidding. Applicants will be assessed by the Chair of the Research Committee, a member of ExCom and two other ESSR members who have attended the Research Committee meetings. Money will be released in segments before during and after the work is undertaken.

The committee supports a multi centric study together with the Ultrasound Subcommittee. The goal of the study is to compare MRI and US in follow-up of STT as described in “Follow-up of recurrences of limb soft tissue sarcomas in patients with localized disease: performance of ultrasound”
Tagliafico A, Truini M, Spina B, Cambiaso P, Zaottini F, Bignotti B, Calabrese M, Derchi LE, Martinoli C.
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