Subcommittee – Imaging Guided Intervention


A minority of musculoskeletal radiologists are for a long time involved and trained in interventional techniques regarding imaging guided biopsy of soft tissue and bone lesions. Lately musculoskeletal radiologists are increasingly requested to perform x-ray, ultrasound, CT or MRI guided interventional techniques for a wide range of indications, not only diagnostic joint and fluid aspirations but also therapeutic injections and procedures.


These interventional techniques have specific indications, require specific training and need particular safety measurements and information to the patient with an adjusted informed consent. Core principles and practical information will be discussed that can be applied to most procedures. Discussion of guidelines and precautions regarding the use of medications, knowledge of the side-effects, possible complications and after care are important. Aspects of intra-articular intervention will be presented, including suggested routes of access for different joints. Discussion of the evidence and scientific merits and drawbacks of therapeutic interventions as well as networking and promotion of scientific research will be included in the subsection activities.

ESSR website

It is the intention to address these specific topics and to strive for and exchange conventions of good practice that will be published on the ESSR website.

Educational symposia

The members of the subsection shall support/organize meetings for the additional training and expertise in this field.


The purpose of the subsection can be defined in the acronym: SEEED
Safety, informed consent
Exchange knowledge and procedures
Ethics and good practice
Evidence based
Define the role of the radiologist

Subcommittee Members

Marina Obradov, Nijmegen, The Netherlands – all techniques – joints, tendons, nerves, discography,(CT) caudography

Past Chairman
Jan Gielen, Antwerp, Belgium – US guided – joints, tendons, nerves and CT guided bone and soft tissue biopsy

Gina Allen, Oxford, UK – all techniques – joints, tendons, bursae, nerves
Maria Pilar Aparisi Gómez, Auckland, NZ – ultrasound-guided – joints, tendons, bursae, nerves. CT guided facet joint injections and vertebroplasty
Alberto Bazzocchi, Bologna, Italy –  all techniques – joints, bones, tendons, nerves, tumours, spine
Miguel Oliveira Castro, Portimao, Portugal – peripheral joint injections, bursae, nerve and tendon therapies
Danoob Dalili, London, UK – US – joints, tendons, bursae, nerves, CT & fluoro – joints, facets, nerves, bone biopsy, vertebroplasty
Miriam De Dea, Feltre, Italy – ultrasound-guided – peripheral joints, tendons, bursae
Akram Dakhil Delfi, Copenhagen, Denmark –  all techniques – joints, tendons, bursae, nerves, spine.
Elena Drakonaki, Heraklion, Crete –  ultrasound-guided – peripheral joints, tendons, bursae, nerves, fusion imaging
Harun Gupta, Leeds, UK – All techniques – joints, tendons, bursae, nerves, spine, including soft tissue lesion biopsies
Andrea Klauser, Innsbruck, Austria – ultrasound-guided – US guided – peripheral joints, bursae, nerves and tendons, fusion imaging, spine
Dimitrios K Filippiadis, Athens, Greece – MSK and spine interventions including biopsy, augmentation (osteoplasty – vertebral augmentation etc), ablation, infiltrations and neurolysis
Raquel Prada González, Vigo, Spain – ultrasound-guided – tendons, joints, bursae, spine
Anastasios Kyriazopoulos, Nijmegen, the Netherlands – all techniques – joints, bursae, tendons
Thomas Le Corroller, Marseille, France – tumour ablation, spine, cementoplasty, tendon therapies
Radhesh Lalam, Oswestry, UK – all techniques – joints, tendons, bursae, nerves, spine
Jose Luis del Cura, Bilboa, Spain – all techniques – joints, tendons, bursae, nerves, spine except vertebroplasty
Silvia Martin, Palma de Mallorca. Spain – all techniques – joints, tendons, bursae.
Vasco Vogado Mascarenhas, Lisbon, Portugal – US and CT guided joint and muscle therapies (non-spine); osteoid osteoma RF
Mahesh Prakesh – Chandigarh, India – all techniques – joints, bones, tendons, RFA ablation & HIFU for Osteoid osteoma
Marc Romijn, Ubbergen, The Netherlands – joints, tendons, bursae, spine
Luca Maria Sconfienza, Milano, Italy – ultrasound-guided procedures, spine, ablations
Steven C.(Cornelis) van Bokhoven, Nijmegen, the Netherlands – all techniques – joints, bursae, tendons
David Wilson, Oxford, UK – all techniques – joints, tendons, bursae, nerves, spine


Image-guided Intra- and Extra-articular Musculoskeletal Interventions: An Illustrated Practical Guide
Obradov, Marina, Gielen, Jan L. (Eds.), ( Springer 2018 – In Press)

Ultrasound Guided Musculoskeletal Injections E-Book 1st Edition, Kindle Edition Elsevier 2017
by Gina M Allen,‎ David J Wilson, Elena Drakonaki, Mark Maybury

Sconfienza LM, Serafini G, Silvestri E. Ultrasound-guided Musculoskeletal Procedures: The Upper Limb. Springer Verlag 2012
Sconfienza LM, Orlandi D, Silvestri E. Ultrasound-guided Musculoskeletal Procedures:The Lower Limb. Springer Verlag 2015


MSK radiologists with special focus area and expertise in msk intervention procedures are invited to enroll to the subsection .

Kind regards,
Jan L. Gielen, Antwerp University and University Hospital, Belgium
Marina Obradov, Sint Maartenskliniek, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Jan Veryser, Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium