Subcommittee – Sports

Mission and Vision

Radiologists are playing a definite role in the clinical management of high ranking athletes as well as of people enrolled in various forms of sports. At least since the Olympic games of Atlanta in 1996, indications for diagnostic imaging have been shifted towards the on-site detection of trauma and overuse. With new technologies in sonography, MDCT and MRI the possibility to document subtle findings has been pushed forward enormously. This leads to the detection of slight stress reactions of the bones, typical patterns of tendinosis, muscle trauma, or early forms of bone marrow edema. Distinct sports-related signs can be described with new insights in pathophysiology. Along with the detection of early abnormalities a new field of research is opened for the prevention of tendon ruptures, osteoarthritis, and fractures of bone. Thus, imaging in sports is an important link between sports medicine and imaging sciences stimulating each other within interdisciplinary clinical management.

The subcommittee for Imaging in Sports was founded with the intention to promote the various aspects of specific indications, of standardised techniques of investigation, and of the better understanding of imaging findings.



Milko De Jonge/NL
Term of office 2023 – 2026


Maria Tzalonikou/GR
Term of Office 2023-2026


Past Chairpersons

Dr. Christoph Schäffeler
Dr. Igor Boric
Dr. Maryam Shahabpour
Prof. Dr. Josef Kramer
Dr. Mario Padron
Dr. Carlo Faletti


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“The Interesting Paper” – Providing knowledge from Sports imaging, orthopedics and sports medicine to the ESSR members

Building a cooperation with ESSKA (European Society of Sport Traumatology, Knee Surgery & Arthroscopy) – ESSKA

Sports Subcommittee Guidelines of MR Imaging of Sports Injuries


According to the “Regulations of ESSR Committees & Subcommittees” any full ESSR member is welcome to join the ESSR Sports Imaging Subcommittee. The Chairperson should be contacted via the ESSR office ( New members are going to be introduced to the subcommittee members during the meetings at ECR and ESSR congress. Therefore an abbreviated professional CV, optional with a photo, should be send with the informal application.