The paediatric musculoskeletal subcommittee has been established as a panel for musculoskeletal radiologists with a particular interest and expertise in imaging of musculoskeletal disorders in children. Imaging of the musculoskeletal system in children can pose a significant challenge for radiologists, paediatric but also musculoskeletal, and cannot simply be assimilated to adult musculoskeletal imaging, due to the complexity of the developmental characteristics, the constant changing features and particularities of the children’s skeleton.  Children are not merely “small adults” when it comes to the musculoskeletal system. The impact of misdiagnosis in children can be devastating, and have important implications in adulthood. At the same time, exposure to radiation and contrast agents can involve short and long term risks that need to be carefully addressed and pondered.

Main Aims

The main aim of this subcommittee is to promote educational projects, and encourage research and innovation, focused on musculoskeletal imaging in children.

This involves working towards the standardization of practice and optimization of imaging procedures and algorithms, with the purpose of achieving early and accurate diagnosis with minimization of risk for the patients.

The intention is to actively collaborate, amongst individuals and with the other ESSR subcommittees to present documents of consensus and to create a forum for discussion on appropriateness and indications of techniques and imaging advances.
The work of the subcommittee would like to encourage excellence in paediatric musculoskeletal diagnosis, and also increase the visibility of diagnostic and interventional paediatric musculoskeletal radiology as a specific discipline.



Paolo Simoni – Brussels/BE
Term of office 2022 – 2025


Maria Pilar Aparisi-Gomez – Valencia/ES & Auckland/NZ



For a list of subcommittee members, please VISIT HERE


Perform a survey on the status of teaching of paediatric musculoskeletal imaging across Europe.
This seeks to broaden the importance of paediatric musculoskeletal radiology in the general core curriculum of the undergraduate students (some essential but clear points on common diseases) and explore the possibility of or the demand to develop a tailored and targeted e-leaning platform for paediatric MSK radiology in the future for medical students and residents.

  • Compile an updated, comprehensive collection of measurements used in paediatric musculoskeletal imaging, in the form of a user-friendly textbook.
  • Collaboration on the update on Imaging on Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) a conjoined project of the MSK taskforce of the ESPR and the ESSR Arthritis subcommittee.
  • A review on existing evidence on hip imaging in children and adolescents, with the aim to develop an issue or book dedicated to this topic.
  • Active participation in ESR and ESSR forums (initiatives including webinars).
  • Active collaboration with other international societies such us ISS and Paediatric societies.
  • Organisation of dedicated courses / workshops and collaboration in ESSR outreach programme.
  • Platform to share and save in interesting and /or controversial cases to submit to the members. These cases could be the basis of a platform for e-learning.
  • Offer an up-to-date choice of articles and external resources selected and suggested by the members for young radiologists and residents who wish to improve their knowledge in paediatric MSK imaging.



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Colleagues interested are very welcome to join the Subcommittee directly emailing the chairperson and attaching a short curriculum vitae.