Subcommittee – Tumour


Violeta Vasilevska Nikodinovska, Skopje/MK


Slavco Ivanoski, Ohrid/MK

Past chairpersons

Radhesh Lalam, Oswestry/UK
Marc-André Weber, Heidelberg/DE
Iris-M.Noebauer-Huhmann, Vienna/AT
Carla S.P. van Rijswijk, Leiden/NL
Joan C. Vilanova, Girona/ES
Suzanne E. Anderson, Sydney/AU


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Colleagues interested in MSK tumours are kindly encouraged to join us.
Selected Recent Publications (in alphabetical order):


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Musculoskeletal (MSK) tumours are rare and comprise a multitude of diverse entities. Recognition and early, accurate diagnosis of bone and soft tissue sarcomas are crucial for satisfactory patient outcomes. Bone and soft tissue tumour imaging is a mainstay of the diagnostic MSK tumour work-up. Standardized algorithms should be followed for local staging, and, if needed, for whole-body assessment, as well as for therapy control and follow-up.

The ESSR subcommittee Tumours consists of a group of colleagues who have a particular interest and expertise in imaging of musculoskeletal tumours, of both bone and soft tissues.The group was founded in 2005, with Suzanne Anderson as the subcommittee chair (three-year term), and “Pater” Mark Davies, Hans Bloem, and Daniel Vanel, and a great group of enthusiastic colleagues with representatives from many European countries.
The intention of the group is to promote both educational and research issues in bone and soft tissue tumours. This includes the standardization of imaging algorithms, and better understanding of imaging findings, as well as multicentre studies.

The subcommittee organizes the refresher session “Tumour Imaging” at the ESSR annual meeting.


– A consensus paper on guidelines for imaging of soft tissue tumours, representing the viewpoint of the ESSR: in progress (correspondence to Iris-M. Noebauer-Huhmann)

– Initiative to participate in ESSR “polycenter-studies” on rare MSK tumour entities:

Data bases on synovial sarcoma, on subcutaneous tumours, and on skeletal tumours (the latter by the Spanish skeletal radiological society [SERME], which might be extended to ESSR): in progress

– Project on Imaging presentation of extraskeletal Ewing’s sarcoma (correspondence to Violeta Vasilevska Nikodinovska )

– Project on Monoostotic Fibrous Dysplasia of the spine. MRI and CT appearance (correspondence to Andrea Baur-Melnyk)

– the subcommittee supports a multi centric study by the Research Committee and Ultrasound Subcommittee. The goal of the study is to compare MRI and US in follow-up of STT as described in “Follow-up of recurrences of limb soft tissue sarcomas in patients with localized disease: performance of ultrasound
Tagliafico A, Truini M, Spina B, Cambiaso P, Zaottini F, Bignotti B, Calabrese M, Derchi LE, Martinoli C.
Eur Radiol. 2015 Mar 21

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